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Elizabeth Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1333 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England. Death: 7 AUG 1395
Elizabeth Courtenay
Elizabeth Courtenay
Emma (Isabel) Mrs Courtenay
Eustachia de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1162 in of,Courtenay,Galinois,France. Death: AFT 1235
Florence Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1446 in of,Boconnoc,Cornwall,England.
Geoffrey de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1074 in of,Courtenay,Loiret,France. Death: 1139
Guenora Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1348 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England.
Guillaume de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1170 in of,Courtenay,Galinois,France.
Hawise de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1222 in Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: BEF 8 APR 1269
Henry de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1176 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England.
Hugh de Courtenay: Birth: 14 SEP 1273 in ,Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: 23 DEC 1340 in ,Exeter,Devonshire,England
Hugh de Courtenay: Birth: 12 JUL 1303 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: 2 MAY 1377 in ,Exeter,Devonshire,England
Hugh de Courtenay: Birth: 25 MAR 1250 in ,Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: 3 MAR 1291 in ,Cullicomb,Devonshire,England
Hugh Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1360 in of,Haccombe,Devonshire,England. Death: 5 MAR 1425
Hugh Courtenay: Birth: 1427 in of,Basenthorpe,Cornwall,England. Death: 4 MAY 1471 in Battle,Tewkesbury,Gloucestershire,England
Hugh Courtenay: Birth: 22 MAR 1326/1327 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England. Death: BEF 2 SEP 1349 in Vp
Humphrey Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1355 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England. Death: in Sp
Isabel Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1353 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England.
Isabell de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1283 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: AFT 10 MAY 1325
Isabell Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1443 in of,Boconnoc,Cornwall,England.
Isabelle (Elizabeth) de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1148 in ,Courteney,Loiret,France. Death: AFT 14 SEP 1205 in ,France
Jean de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1172 in of,Courtenay,Galinois,France. Death: AFT 1221
Joan Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1337 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England.
Johane Mrs. Courtenay
John de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1300 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England. Death: 1349 in Unmarried
John de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1263 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: in (Vsp)
John de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1283 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England.
John de Courtenay: Birth: 26 JUL 1224 in Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: 3 MAY 1274
John de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1252 in <,Okehampton,Devonshire,England>.
John Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1452 in of,Bottreux,Cornwall,England. Death: BEF 3 JUL 1509 in Sp
John Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1346 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England. Death: in Sp
Josceline de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1034 in ,Courtenay,Loiret,France. Death: in France
Josceline de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1072 in of,Courtenay,Loiret,France. Death: 1131 in Near,Odessa,Mesopotamia
Josceline Mrs. de Courtenay
Margaret de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1269 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England.
Margaret de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1279 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: 18 MAR 1348/1349
Margaret Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1381 in of,Cornwall,England.
Margaret Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1419 in of,Haccombe,Devonshire,England.
Margaret Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1326 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England. Death: 2 AUG 1385
Matilda (Maud) Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1445 in of,Boconnoc,Cornwall,England. Death: AFT 1531
Matilda Mrs de Courtenay
Matilda Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1339 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England. Death: in Sp
Milo de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1069 in Courtenay,Loriet,France. Death: 1127 in France
Miss de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1129 in of,Courtenay,Loiret,France.
Mrs Thomas Courtenay
Mrs-Anthon de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1000 in of,Courtenay,Loiret,France.
Peter Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1342 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England. Death: 2 FEB 1404/1405
Philip de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1277 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: 24 JUN 1314 in Unmd Battle of,Strivelin
Philip Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1346 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England. Death: 29 JUL 1406 in ,Exeter,Devonshire,England
Philippa Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1357 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England.
Philippe de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1168 in of,Courtenay,Galinois,France. Death: AFT 1186
Pierre II de Courtenay: Birth: 1155 in of,Courtenay,Galinois,France. Death: AFT JUN 1219 in Epirus,Turkey
Reginald de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1174 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England.
Renaud (Reginald) Seigneur Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1100 in of,Courtenay,Loiret,France. Death: AFT 1161 in ,France
Renaud (Reginald) Seigneur Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1125 in of,Courtenay,Loiret,France. Death: 27 SEP 1194
Robert de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1307 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: 1334 in ,Moreton,Devonshire,England
Robert de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1309 in of,Moreton,England. Death: ABT 1334
Robert de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1265 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England.
Robert de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1285 in of,Okehampton,Devonshire,England.
Robert de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1166 in of,Courtenay,Galinois,France. Death: 1239
Robert de Courtenay: Birth: 1170 in of Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: 26 JUL 1242 in Iwerne,Dorset,England
Thomas de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1278 in of,London,Middlesex,England.
Thomas de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1281 in of,London,Middlesex,England.
Thomas Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1311 in of,Southpole,& Woodhuish,& Dunterten. Death: 21 AUG 1337
Thomas Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1331 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England. Death: 1381 in Sp
Walter Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1453 in of,Boconnoc,Cornwall,England. Death: in Unmd
William de Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1220 in Okehampton,Devonshire,England.
William Courtenay: Birth: ABT 1331/1332 in of,Exeter,Devonshire,England. Death: 31 JUL 1396 in Unmarried
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Peter Courtnay
Edward Courtney
Person Not Viewable
Maurice de Craon
Person Not Viewable
Adelaide de Crecy: Birth: ABT 1026 in <corbiel,Marne,France>.
Elizabeth de Crecy: Birth: ABT 961 in <,of Montlhery,France>.
Hugh de Creil: Birth: 990 in ,France. Death: 1060
Hugh "The Great" Crepi: Birth: ABT 1050 in of,Vermandois,Normandy,France. Death: 18 OCT 1102 in ,Tarsus,Cilicie
Son de Crepi: Birth: ABT 1090 in of,Crepy,France. Death: 1152
Avelina (Aveline) de Crepon: Birth: ABT 974 in of,Longueville,Normandy,France. Death: in France
Gonnor de Crepon: Birth: ABT 936 in ,Normandy,France. Death: 1031 in ,France
Herbastus de Crepon: Birth: ABT 911 in of Normandy,France.
Herfast de Crepon: Birth: ABT 975 in of,France.
Mrs-Herbastus de Crepon: Birth: ABT 916 in of,Normandy,France.
Senfrie (Sainfrie) de Crepon: Birth: ABT 970 in of,France.
Wevia (Duceline) de Crepon: Birth: ABT 942 in of,Pont-Audemer,Eure,France.
Person Not Viewable
Reynald Lord of Croy: Birth: ABT 1008 in of Croy,Piccardy,Normandy,France.
Person Not Viewable
Mathilde de Cuiseaux: Birth: ABT 1110 in of,Cuiseaux,Saone-et-Loire,France. Death: BEF 2 JUL 1137
Margaret Cummin
Person Not Viewable
Hawise de Curcy: Birth: ABT 1135 in of Okehampton,Devonshire,England. Death: 31 JUL 1209
William de Curcy: Birth: ABT 1090 in ,England.
Pons I Cuseau: Birth: ABT 1086 in <of,Cuiseaux,Saone-et-Loire,France>.
Arnold Custers: Birth: ABT 1672 in Crefeld,Germany. Death: in ,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
Catharina Custers: Birth: 17 MAY 1637 in Kaldenkirchen,Rheinland,Germany,Prussia. Death: ABT 1707
Catharina Custers: Birth: 11 AUG 1619 in ,Kaldenkirchen,Rhineland,Prussia. Death: 12 JUN 1635 in Kaldenkirchen,Rheinland,Ger
Christiana Custers: Birth: 15 JAN 1691 in Germantown,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.

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