/Fernando II Alfonsez Leon
        /Alfonso IX Fernandez_King_o
       |    \Urraca Affonsez Princess Portugal
    /Fernando III "The Castile_And_Leon
   |   |    /Alfonso VIII "The Sanchez_King_of
   |    \Berenguela Queen of Castile
   |        \Eleanor Princess of England
Fernando Prince of Castile_And_Leon
   |        /Aubrey (Alberic) II Dammartin
   |    /Simon II Count Dammartin
   |   |    \Mathilda (Maud, Mahaut) Ponthieu
    \Jeanne de Dammartin
       |    /Guillaume Iii, Count Ponthieu
        \Marie (Jeanne) Countess Ponthieu_&_Montr
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