Joane Princess of/England/
B: 22 JUL 1210
P: ,Coucy,Alsne,France
D: 4 MAR 1237/1238
P: ,London,Middlesex,England

 John "Lackland" King/England/
B: 24 DEC 1166
P: Kings Manor Hous,Oxford,Oxfordshire,England
M: 26 AUG 1200
P: ,Bordeaux,Gironde,France
D: 19 OCT 1216
P: ,Newark,Nottinghamshire,England

 Isabella de /Taillefer/
B: ABT 1188
P: of,Angouleme,Charente,France
D: 31 MAY 1245/1246
P: Fontevrault Abbe,Fontevrault,Maine-et-Loir...

 Henry II "Plantagenet"/England/
B: 5 MAR 1133
P: ,Le Mans,Sarthe,France
M: 11 MAY 1152
P: ,Bordeaux,Gironde,France
D: 6 JUL 1189
P: ,Chinon,Indre-et-Loire,France

 Eleanore Princess of/Aquitaine/
B: 1121/1122
P: Chateau de Belin,Gironde,France
D: 31 MAR 1204
P: Mirabell Castle,Tarn-et-Garonne,France

 Aymer de /Taillefer/
B: ABT 1160
P: of,Angouleme,Charente-Maritim,France
M: 1180
P: ,Angouleme,Aquitaine,France
D: 1218
P: l'Abbey la Couro,France

 Alix de /Courtenay/
B: ABT 1160
P: of,Courtenay,Galinois,France
D: 1218
P: ,France

 Geoffrey V "Le/Plantagenet/
B: 24 AUG 1113
P: ,Anjou,France
M: 22 MAY 1127
P: ,Le Mans,Sarthe,France
D: 7 SEP 1151
P: ,Chateau,Eure-et-Loire,France
 Matilda (Maud) Empress/Germany/
B: BEF 5 AUG 1102
P: ,London,Middlesex,England
D: 10 SEP 1169
P: Notre Dame,Rouen,Seine-Maritime,France
 Guillaume X Duke/Aquitaine/
B: 1099
P: ,Aquitaine,France
M: 1121
P: of,France
D: 19 APR 1137
P: ,France
 Eleanor de /Chatellerault/
B: ABT 1103
P: ,Chatellerault,Vienne,France
D: AFT MAR 1130
 Guillaume IV /Taillefer/
B: ABT 1134
P: of,Angouleme,Charente,France
M: BEF 1160
D: 7 AUG 1187
P: ,Messina,Sicily,Italy
 Emma de /Limoges/
B: ABT 1138
P: ,Limoges,Haute-Vienne,France
 Pierre Prince of/France/
B: ABT 1126/1128
P: ,Reims,Marne,France
M: 1168
P: ,France
D: 1183
P: ,Palestine
 Isabelle (Elizabeth) de/Courtenay/
B: ABT 1148
P: ,Courteney,Loiret,France
D: AFT 14 SEP 1205
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