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Roger de Pitres: Birth: ABT 1035 in of,Pitres. Death: in England
Mary Pixton
Margaret Plain
Susanna de La Plaine
Person Not Viewable
Adam Plankenbuehler: Birth: 1630 in Gresten Parish,Austria. Death: 7 NOV 1697 in Unterschweinach,Ditienheimparish,Austria
Blasius Plankenbuehler: Birth: 1625 in Gresten Parish,Austria.
Christopher Plankenbuehler: Birth: 4 FEB 1632 in <gresten Parish,Austria>.
Kilian Plankenbuehler: Birth: 1585 in Gresten Parish,Austria.
Magdalena Plankenbuehler: Birth: 1629 in Gresten Parish,Austria.
Paul Plankenbuehler: Birth: 1634 in Gresten Parish,Austria.
Peterlaina Plankenbuehler: Birth: 12 APR 1639 in Gresten Parish,Austria.
Sophia Plankenbuehler: Birth: 3 MAR 1636 in Gresten Parish,Austria.
Hans Plankenbuhler: Birth: 1615 in Gresten Parish,Austria.
Thomas Plankenbuhler: Birth: 1619 in Gresten Parish,Austria.
Adela (Ela) Plantagenet: Birth: 1162 in ,Surrey,England.
Agnes Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1130 in <,Le Mans,Sarthe,France>. Death: 1192 in of,Anyore,England
Blanche Plantagenet: Birth: 1297 in of,Stevington,Bedfordshire,England. Death: ABT 12 JUL 1380
Eleanor Plantagenet: Birth: in ,Grismond Castle,Monmouthshire,England. Death: 11 JAN 1372 in ,Arundel,Sussex,England
Emma Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1138 in of,Normandy,France.
Geoffrey V "Le Plantagenet: Birth: 24 AUG 1113 in ,Anjou,France. Death: 7 SEP 1151 in ,Chateau,Eure-et-Loire,France
Geoffrey VI "Mantell" Plantagenet: Birth: 3 JUN 1134 in ,Rouen,Seine-Maritime,France. Death: 27 JUL 1157 in ,Nantes,Loire-Atlantique,France
Guillaume Plantagenet: Birth: 22 JUL 1136 in ,Argentan,Orne,France. Death: 30 JAN 1163/1164 in ,Rouen,Seine-Maritime,France
Hamelin Plantagenet: Birth: 1130 in ,Normandy,France. Death: APR 1202 in ,England
Henry "of Grosmont" Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1300 in Grosmont Castle,Grosmont,Monmouthshire,England. Death: 24 MAR 1360/1361 in Spms,Leicester,Leicestershire,England
Henry Plantagenet: Birth: 1281 in of,Grismond Castle,Monmouthshire,England. Death: 22 SEP 1345 in Monastry of Cann,England
Ida (Isabel) Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1154 in of,Norfolk,Norfolk,England.
Isabel Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1308 in Grismond Castle,Monmouth,England.
Joan Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1310 in ,Norfolk,England. Death: 7 JUL 1349
John Plantagenet: Birth: BEF MAY 1286 in of,Grismond Castle,Monmouthshire,England. Death: BEF 1327 in Unmd,France
Margaret Plantagenet: Birth: 1170 in ,Surrey,Eng.
Mary Plantagenet: Birth: 1320 in of Tutbury Castl,Tutbury,Staffordshire,England. Death: 1 SEP 1362
Mary Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1288 in of,Grismond Castle,Monmouthshire,England. Death: in Died Young,France
Maud "of Lancaster" Plantagenet: Birth: 1298 in of,Lancaster,Lancashire,England. Death: 5 MAY 1377
Miss Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1170 in of,England.
Miss Plantagenet: Birth: 1172 in ,Surrey,Eng.
Mrs-Geoffrey V, [Concubine Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1112 in of,Normandy,France.
Thomas Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1278 in of,Grismond Castle,Monmouthshire,England. Death: 22 MAR 1321/1322 in ,Pontefract,Yorkshire,England
Person Not Viewable
Maud Plantagenet_(War: Birth: 1163 in ,Surrey,Eng.
William Plantagenet_(War: Birth: 1166 in ,Surrey,Eng. Death: 27 MAY 1240 in Surry.,Eng.
Miss de Plessis: Birth: ABT 1014 in of,England.
Person Not Viewable
Sarah Poe: Birth: 1710 in ,of Caroline,Va. Death: AFT 1793 in ,Chatham,Va
Simon Poe: Birth: ABT 1782 in ,Caroline,Va. Death: ABT 1793 in ,Chatham,Nc
Sophia Poe
Person Not Viewable
Mary M. Poindexter
Alix de Poitou
Gertruda Princess of Poland
Wladislav II "The Poland_And_Siles: Birth: 1105 in of,Krakow,Krakow,Poland. Death: 30 MAY 1159
Person Not Viewable
Antony Pollard
Alice Polmarna
Person Not Viewable
Henry Pomeray: Birth: ABT 1309 in <of Bery Pomeroy,Dvnshr,Engl>.
Joan Pomeray: Birth: ABT 1335 in of Bery Pomeroy,Dvnshr,Engl. Death: 16 JUN 1420
Elizabeth Pomeroy
Johanna de La Pomeroy
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Robert de Pont_de_l'Arche
Adelaide "Countess of Ponthieu: Birth: ABT 1027 in of,Normandy,France. Death: BEF 1090
Guillaume Iii, Count Ponthieu: Birth: 1179 in ,Ponthieu,France. Death: 1221 in ,France
Guy Ii, Count Ponthieu: Birth: ABT 1090 in of,Ponthieu,France. Death: 1147
Mathilda (Maud, Mahaut) Ponthieu: Birth: 1138 in of,Ponthieu,Ain,France. Death: AFT OCT 1200
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Jean I Count Ponthieu_&_Montr: Birth: ABT 1135 in ,Montreuil,France. Death: 1191 in ,Acre,Palestine
Marie (Jeanne) Countess Ponthieu_&_Montr: Birth: 17 APR 1199 in of,Aumale,Seine-Maritime,France. Death: SEP 1250 in ,Seine-Maritime,France
Agnes Popham
Margaret (or Joan) Popham
Adam de Port
Adam de Port
C. Porter
C. Porter
Frances Rice Porter: Birth: 1819 in ,Caswell,North Carolina. Death: 20 APR 1847 in ,Logan,Kentucky
Alfonso II King Portugal
Henrique Affonsez Prince Portugal: Birth: 5 MAR 1147 in of,Coimbra,Coimbra,Portugal. Death: BEF 1156
Joao Affonsez Prince Portugal: Birth: 1156 in of,Coimbra,Coimbra,Portugal. Death: 25 AUG
Mafalda Princess of Portugal
Maud Princess of Portugal
Sancha Affonsez Princess Portugal: Birth: 1153 in of,Coimbra,Coimbra,Portugal. Death: AFT 14 FEB 1159
Teresa Henriquez Princess Portugal: Birth: ABT 1113 in of,Portugal.
Tereza Affonsez Princess Portugal: Birth: 1157 in of,Coimbra,Coimbra,Portugal. Death: 12 MAY 1218
Urraca Affonsez Princess Portugal: Birth: 1151 in of,Coimbra,Coimbra,Portugal. Death: 16 OCT 1188 in ,Valladolid,Valladolid,Spain
Urraca Henriquez Princess Portugal: Birth: ABT 1113 in of,Portugal.
Person Not Viewable
C. Potter
Ingeram Pratellis
Pierre de Preaux
Richard Prouse: Birth: ABT 1260 in <of Asheton,Devon.,Eng.>.
Thomasine Prouz_(Prowse)_(: Birth: ABT 1286 in of Asheton,Devon.,Eng..
Beatrix Countess of Provence: Birth: 1234 in of,Aix-en-Provence,Bouches-du-Rhone,France. Death: 23 SEP 1267 in Nocera,Calabria,Italy
Eleonore (Leonor) Countess Provence: Birth: ABT 1223 in of,Aix-en-Provence,Bouches-du-Rhone,France. Death: 24 JUN 1291 in ,Amesbury,Wiltshire,England
Gerberge, Countess of Provence: Birth: 1057 in ,France.
Gersinde Countess of Provence: Birth: ABT 1200 in of,Aix-en-Provence,Bouches-du-Rhone,France.
Marguerite Countess of Provence: Birth: 1221 in St Maime B.,Forcalquier,Alpes-de-Haute-P,France. Death: 21 DEC 1295 in ,Paris,Seine,France
Raimond II Berenger, Provence
Person Not Viewable

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