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Jane Holcombe: Birth: 1537 in Hole,Devon,England. Death: in Deceased
Jane Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1702 in Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales.
Jane Holcombe: Birth: 1665 in Pembrokeshire,Wales.
Jane(Jennie) Holcombe: Birth: 1789/1790 in Fayetteville,Anson,North Carolina.
Joane Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1468 in Hole,Devon,England.
John Holcombe: Birth: 1640 in Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales.
John Holcombe: Birth: 1394 in Hole,Devon,England.
John Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1420 in Hole,Devon,England.
John Holcombe: Birth: 21 SEP 1540 in Ashton,Devons,Eng. Death: in Deceased
John Holcombe: Birth: 1338 in <hole,Devon,England>.
John Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1572 in of,Hole,Devonshire,England.
John Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1696 in Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales.
Josiah Holcombe: Birth: 1781 in Fayetteville,Anson,North Carolina.
Josias Holcombe: Birth: 1568 in ,Cornwall,England,Wales. Death: 1700 in ,Cornwall,Eng
Josias Holcombe: Birth: 1588 in ,Pembroke,Wales.
Katherine Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1497 in of,Hole,Devon,England.
Katherine Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1513 in of Hull,Devonshire,England.
Margaret Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1471 in Hull,Devon,England. Death: 7 APR 1499
Margaret Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1574 in of,Hole,Devonshire,England.
Mary Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1544 in <of,Devon,Eng>. Death: ABT 1617
Mrs. Walter Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1372 in Hole,Devon,England.
Nancy Holcombe: Birth: 1763 in Christchurch,Middlesex,Virginia.
Nicholas Holcombe: Birth: 20 AUG 1528 in Seaton,Devon,England.
Nicholas Holcombe: Birth: 1570 in of,Hole,Devonshire,England. Death: 1628
Reuben Holcombe: Birth: 1765 in Christchurch,Middlesex,Virginia.
Robert Holcombe: Birth: 1527 in Hole,Devon,England,Eng.
Robert Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1570 in of,Hole,Devonshire,England.
Roger Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1440 in Hole,Devon,England. Death: 20 JAN 1480 in Black Pool
Samuel Holcombe: Birth: 1758 in Christchurch,Middlesex,Virginia.
Samuel Holcombe: Birth: 2 FEB 1707 in St.Stephens,Northumberland,Virginia.
Sarah Holcombe: Birth: 1702 in St.Stephens,Northumberland,Virginia.
Solomon Holcombe: Birth: 1767 in Christchurch,Middlesex,Virginia.
Thomas Holcombe: Birth: 1526 in .,Hole,Devonshire,England. Death: ABT 1579 in Ashton,Cornwall,England
Tristram Holcombe: Birth: 1529 in Hole,Devon,England,Eng.
Unk Holcombe: Birth: 1678 in ,Virginia.
Walter Holcombe: Birth: 1535 in Hole,Devon,England.
Walter Holcombe: Birth: 1544 in of,Devon,Eng.
Walter Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1368 in Hole,Devon,England.
William Holcombe: Birth: 17 MAR 1739 in Christchurch,Middlesex,Virginia.
William Holcombe: Birth: 1673 in St.Stephens,Northumberland,Virginia.
William Holcombe: Birth: 31 DEC 1703 in St.Stephens,Northumberland,Virginia.
William Holcombe: Birth: 1612 in ,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: in ,Va.
William Holcombe: Birth: 1586 in ,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: ABT 1700
William Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1470 in Hole,Devon,England. Death: BEF 1499
William Holcombe: Birth: 1663 in of Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: ABT 1700
William Holcombe: Birth: ABT 1645 in of Shropshire,England or Pembr,Wales. Death: in ,Caroline,Va
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Jane (Mrs Charles Holcombe): Birth: ABT 1473 in Hole,Devon,England. Death: 7 APR 1499
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Bertha Countess of Holland: Birth: ABT 1054 in of,Vlaardingen,Zuid-Holland,Netherlands. Death: 1093/1094 in ,Montreuil-sur-Lo,Maine-et-Loire,France
Floris IV Count Holland
Willem I Count Holland
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Elisa Jane Hollenbeck: Birth: 1845. Death: 23 APR 1874 in Jefferson,Missouri
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Agnes Imperial Princess Holy_Roman_Empir: Birth: 1075 in of,Klosterneuburg,Niederoesterreic,Austria. Death: 24 SEP 1143
Agnes Princess of Holy_Roman_Empir: Birth: 1170 in ,Schwaben,Bavaria. Death: 1184
Beatrix Empress of Holy_Roman_Empir: Birth: ABT 1143 in of,Hoch-Bourgogne,France. Death: 15 NOV 1184
Beatrix Princess of Holy_Roman_Empir: Birth: 1169 in ,Schwaben,Bavaria. Death: 1181
Friedrich I "Barbarossa" Holy_Roman_Empir: Birth: 1122 in of,Swaben,Bavaria. Death: 10 JUN 1190 in In Holy Land
Heinrich VI Emperor Holy_Roman_Empir: Birth: NOV 1165 in ,Schwaben,Bavaria. Death: 28 SEP 1197
Otto IV Emperor Holy_Roman_Empir
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Gervais Hornacote: Birth: ABT 1188 in <of Tintagel,Crnwll,Engl>.
Sarah Hornacote: Birth: ABT 1214 in of Tintagel,Crnwll,Engl.
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Ada de Hugleville: Birth: ABT 1030 in of,Neufmarche,France.
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Alice (Adeliza) Huntingdon: Birth: ABT 1085 in of,Flamsted,Hertfordshire,England. Death: AFT 1126
David Earl of Huntingdon: Birth: 1144 in of,Huntingdon,Huntingdonshire,England. Death: 17 JUN 1219 in ,Jedburgh,Roxburghshire,Scotland
Mrs-David, Concubine of Huntingdon
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Matilda (Maud) Huntington: Birth: ABT 1072 in of,Huntington,Huntingdonshire,England. Death: 23 APR 1130/1131 in ,Scotland
Edmund Hussey: Birth: ABT 1335 in of,Holbroke,Somersetshire,England.
Emilia Hussey: Birth: ABT 1385 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
Joan (Ann) Hussey: Birth: ABT 1340 in of,Holbroke,Somersetshire,England.
Joan Hussey: Birth: ABT 1349 in of,Holbroke,Somersetshire,England. Death: 21 MAR 1411 in Farley,Hungerford,Somersetshire,England
Margaret Hussey: Birth: ABT 1364 in of,Holbroke,Somersetshire,England.
Matilda Hussey: Birth: ABT 1359 in of,Holbroke,Somersetshire,England.
Reginald Hussey: Birth: ABT 1309 in <of,Holbroke,Somersetshire,England>.
Miss Hythus

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