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Gisele de Vaudemont: Birth: 1090 in of,Vaudemont,Meurthe-et-Mosel,France. Death: AFT 1141
Beatrice de Vaux: Birth: ABT 1149 in ,Stoke,Devonshire,England. Death: 24 MAR 1217
George Venerable: Birth: ABT 1704 in Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales.
Miss de Venuz: Birth: 1105 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokshire,Wales.
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Adeliza de Vere: Birth: ABT 1093 in of,Essex,England.
Alberic de Vere: Birth: ABT 1030 in Hedingham,Essex,England. Death: 1088
Alberic Vere: Birth: ABT 1062 in of,Hadingham,Essex,England. Death: 11 MAY 1141
Alice (Alicia) de Vere: Birth: ABT 1186 in <hatfield,Essex,England>.
Alice de Vere: Birth: ABT 1174 in Hatfield,Broad Oaks,Essex,England. Death: in England
Aubrey de Vere: Birth: ABT 1167 in Hatfield,Broad Oaks,Essex,England. Death: OCT 1214 in England
Aubrey II de Vere: Birth: ABT 1082 in of,Hedingham,Essex,England. Death: 15 MAY 1141 in ,London,Middlesex,England
Aubrey III de Vere: Birth: ABT 1110 in of,Oxfordshire,England. Death: 26 DEC 1194
Eleanor de Vere: Birth: ABT 1188 in of,Essex,England.
Geoffrey de Vere: Birth: ABT 1064 in of Hedingham,Essex,England. Death: 1166 in Probably,England
Henry de Vere: Birth: ABT 1172 in Hatfield,Broad Oaks,Essex,England. Death: in England
Hugh IV de Vere: Birth: ABT 1184 in Hatfield,Essex,England. Death: 23 DEC 1263
Isabel de Vere: Birth: ABT 1228 in of Totnes,Devonshire,England. Death: 11 AUG 1300
John de Vere
Juliane de Vere: Birth: ABT 1116 in of,Hedingham,Essex,England. Death: 1199/1200
Laura de Vere: Birth: ABT 1232 in of,Hedingham Castle,Essex,England.
Margaret de Vere: Birth: ABT 1234 in Hedingham Cstle,Essex,England.
Ralph de Vere: Birth: ABT 1168 in Hatfield,Broad Oaks,Essex,England. Death: BEF OCT 1214 in England
Robert de Vere: Birth: ABT 1040 in <of,Suffolk,England>.
Robert de Vere: Birth: ABT 1240 in ,Hedinham,Essex,England. Death: BEF 7 SEP 1296 in ,England
Robert de Vere: Birth: ABT 1164 in ,Hatfield,Essex,England. Death: 25 OCT 1221 in England
Robert de Vere: Birth: ABT 1068 in of Hedingham,Essex,England. Death: 1194 in Probably,England
Roger de Vere: Birth: ABT 1066 in of Hedingham,Essex,England. Death: in Probably,England
Roheise (Roesia) de Vere: Birth: ABT 1070 in of,Hedingham,Essex,England. Death: in of,England
Rohese de Vere: Birth: ABT 1103 in of,Hedingham,Essex,England. Death: AFT 21 OCT 1166 in England
William de Vere: Birth: ABT 1072 in of Hedingham,Essex,England. Death: 1199 in Probably,England
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Adelaide Countess of Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1050 in of,Valois,Bretagne,France. Death: 23 SEP 1120/1124 in ,Vermandois,Normandy,France
Agnes de Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1065 in of,Valois,Bretagne,France. Death: AFT 1125
Beatrix de Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1079 in of,Valois,Bretagne,France. Death: AFT 1144
Constance de Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1069 in of,Valois,Bretagne,France.
Eudes de Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1060 in of,Valois,Bretagne,France.
Eudes I, "Pied-de-Loup" Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1030 in of,Vermandois,Normandy,France.
Herbert IV Count Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1028 in of,Vermandois,Normandy,France. Death: 1080 in ,France
Isabel (Elizabeth) de Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1085 in of,Valois,Bretagne,France. Death: 13 FEB 1131 in ,England
Maud (Matilda) de Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1071 in of,Valois,Bretagne,France. Death: 1080
Otho (Otto) Count Vermandois: Birth: ABT 979 in of,Vermandois,Normandy,France. Death: 25 MAY 1043/1045 in ,France
Pavia (Patia), Countess Vermandois: Birth: ABT 990 in of,France.
Peter de Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1032 in of,Vermandois,Normandy,France.
Raoul I Count Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1073 in of,Valois,Bretagne,France. Death: 14 OCT 1152
Raoul II Count Vermandois
Simon de Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1077 in of,Valois,Bretagne,France. Death: 10 FEB 1148 in ,Selencie
William de Vermandois: Birth: ABT 1087 in of,Valois,France. Death: ABT 1096
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William de Vernon: Birth: ABT 1030 in of,Vernon,Normandy,France.
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Sibil de Vesey: Birth: ABT 1142 in ,Blancland,England.
Alix de Vexin: Birth: ABT 970 in of,Mellent,Normandy,France.
Dunelme de Vieilles: Birth: ABT 1022 in of,Pont Audemer,Normandy,France.
William de Vieilles: Birth: ABT 1020 in of,Pont Audemer,Normandy,France.
Beatrix de Vienne: Birth: ABT 1138 in of,Vienne,Isere,France. Death: 1184
Girard I Count Vienne: Birth: 1112 in ,Vienne,Vienne,France. Death: 1180
Guillaume IV Count Vienne: Birth: 1088 in ,Vienne,Vienne,France.
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Catharina von_Haren: Birth: 1608 in Kaldenkirchen,Rheinland,Germany. Death: 24 JAN 1679 in Kaldenkirchen,Rheinland,Germany
Christoph von_Haren: Birth: ABT 1580 in of Kaldenkirchen,Germany.
Christoph von_Haren: Birth: ABT 1585 in of Kaldenkirchen,Germany.

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