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Conrad Dietter: Birth: in <Dusslingen,Wurttemberg,Germany>.
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Ann Digges: Birth: 1652 in Hampton,Elizabeth City,Va. Death: 27 NOV 1686 in ,Va
Anne Digges: Birth: 1599 in Chilham,Kent,England.
Catherine Digges: Birth: 1656 in ,Hampton,Elizabeth City,Va. Death: 1729 in ,Caroline,Va
Dudley Digges: Birth: 1663 in Yorktown,York,Va. Death: 18 JAN 1710 in ,Va
Edward Digges: Birth: ABT 1660 in ,Va. Death: AFT 1692
Elizabeth Digges: Birth: ABT 1658 in <,Va>.
Elizabeth Digges: Birth: ABT 1625 in of Chilham,Kent,England.
John Digges: Birth: ABT 1617 in of Chilham,Kent,England.
Leonard Digges: Birth: 1588 in of Aldermansbury,London,London,England. Death: 7 APR 1635
Margaret Digges: Birth: ABT 1590 in St. Mary,Aldermansbury,London,England. Death: SEP 1619
Mary Digges: Birth: ABT 1596 in of Aldermansbury,London,London,England.
Thomas Digges: Birth: ABT 1667 in <bellfield,Va>.
Thomas Digges: Birth: ABT 1609 in <,Chilham,Kent,England>.
Thomas Digges: Birth: 1540 in Digges Court,Barham,Kent,England. Death: 24 AUG 1595 in London,Greater London,England
Ursula Digges: Birth: 19 JUL 1594 in St.Mary the Virg,Aldermanbury,London,England.
William Digges: Birth: ABT 1658 in <yorktown,York,Va>.
William Digges: Birth: ABT 1594 in of Aldermansbury,London,London,England.
Anne Digges_(Diggs): Birth: 1610 in ,Chilham,Kent,England.
Dudley II Diggs: Birth: 1614 in ,Chilham,Kent,England. Death: 1 OCT 1643 in Oxford,P.a.,England
Dudley Diggs: Birth: 1583 in Digges Court,Barham,Kent,England. Death: 18 MAR 1639 in Chilham Castle,Kent County,England
Edward Diggs: Birth: 29 MAR 1621 in Chilham Castle,Kent,England. Death: 15 MAR 1665 in Bellfield,York,Va
Herbert Diggs: Birth: ABT 1626 in ,Chilham,Kent,England.
Leonard Diggs: Birth: ABT 1662 in ,Va.
Leonard Diggs: Birth: ABT 1622 in ,Chilham,Kent,England.
Mary Diggs: Birth: 1658 in Yorktown,York,Va. Death: 10 MAY 1690 in ,Va
Mary Diggs: Birth: ABT 1624 in ,Chilham,Kent,England. Death: 1642 in ,Chilham,Kent,England
Thomas Diggs: Birth: 1612 in ,Chilham,Kent,England. Death: 1687
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Gervaise de Dinan_(Dinant)
Alan Dinham: Birth: ABT 1125 in of,Hartland,Devon,England.
Emma Dinham: Birth: ABT 1120 in Hertland,Dvnshr,Engl.
Emma Dinham: Birth: ABT 1123 in of,Hartland,Devon,England.
Geoffrey Dinham: Birth: ABT 1200 in of Hertland,Dvnshr,Engl. Death: 26 DEC 1258
Geoffrey Dinham: Birth: ABT 1145 in of Hertland,Dvnshr,Engl. Death: ABT 1204
Geoffrey Dinham: Birth: ABT 1172 in of Hertland,Dvnshr,Engl.
Geoffrey Dinham: Birth: ABT 1119 in Hertland,Dvnshr,Engl. Death: ABT 1179
Joanna Dinham: Birth: ABT 1244 in of Hertland,Dvnshr,Engl.
Oliver Dinham: Birth: 1234 in ,Hartland,Devonshire,England. Death: 26 FEB 1298/1299
Oliver Dinham: Birth: ABT 1170 in of Hertland,Dvnshr,Engl. Death: 28 JUN 1221
Oliver Dinham: Birth: ABT 1121 in of Hertland,Dvnshr,Engl. Death: ABT 1183
Oliver Dinham: Birth: ABT 1088 in of Dinan,Brttny,Frnc. Death: ABT 1150
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Person Not Viewable
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Miss de Doll: Birth: ABT 1003 in <of,England>.
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
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Everard de Donjon: Birth: ABT 1050 in France.
Frederic de Donjon: Birth: ABT 1085 in ,of Yerre,S-o,France. Death: in ,Corbeil,S-o,France
Guy de Donjon: Birth: ABT 1111 in of Terre,S-o,France.
Hawise de Donjon: Birth: ABT 1113 in ,Donjon,Allier,France.
Mrs-Frederic de Donjon: Birth: ABT 1080 in of Corbeil,S-o,France.
Mrs-Ralph Donne: Birth: ABT 1204 in Down Ralph,Devonshire,England.
Mrs-Ralph Donne: Birth: ABT 1170 in Down Ralph,Devon,England.
Ralph Donne: Birth: ABT 1192 in Down Ralph,Devonshire,England.
Ralph Donne: Birth: ABT 1156 in Down Ralph,Devon,England.
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Emeke Dorch: Birth: ABT 1606 in <krefeld,Rhinel.,Prussia>.
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Hugh Downe: Birth: ABT 1287 in Down Ralph,Devonshire,England.
Isabel Mrs Downe: Birth: ABT 1291 in ,Devonshire,England.
Isabel Downe: Birth: ABT 1398 in Hole,Devon,England.
Ralph Downe: Birth: 1255 in of Down Ralph,Devonshire,England.
Ralph Downe: Birth: ABT 1228 in Down Ralph,Devonshire,England.
Person Not Viewable
Ralph Downe_(Donne): Birth: ABT 1289 in Down Ralph,Devonshire,England.
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Robert Count of Dreux: Birth: ABT 1123 in ,Reims,Marne,France. Death: 11 OCT 1184/1185 in ,Braine,Aisne,France
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Gunnild of Dunbar: Birth: ABT 1134 in of,Dunbar,East Lothian,Scotland.
Maldred Earl of Dunbar: Birth: ABT 1015 in of,Dunbar,East Lothian,Scotland. Death: ABT 1045
Waltheof Earl of Dunbar: Birth: ABT 1062 in of,Dunbar,East Lothian,Scotland. Death: 1138
Person Not Viewable
Daughter de Dunstanville: Birth: ABT 1140 in of,Cornwall,England.
Daughter de Dunstanville: Birth: ABT 1142 in of,Cornwall,England.
Denise (Hawise) de Dunstanville: Birth: ABT 1138 in of,Cornwall,England. Death: AFT 21 APR 1162
Maud de Dunstanville: Birth: ABT 1143 in of,Dunstanville,Kent,England.
Nicholas de Dunstanville: Birth: ABT 1136 in of,Cornwall,England. Death: 1175 in Vp
Rainald de Dunstanville: Birth: ABT 1110/1115 in of,Dunstanville,Kent,England. Death: 1 JUL 1175 in Spm,Chertsey,Surrey,England
Sarah de Dunstanville: Birth: ABT 1147 in of,Cornwall,England.
Ursula de Dunstanville: Birth: ABT 1145 in of,Cornwall,England.
Walter Dunstanville
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Agnes Durr: Birth: 1608 in Dusslingen,Wurttemberg,Germany. Death: 3 MAR 1661 in Dusslingen,Wurttemberg,Germany
Anna Durr: Birth: 1617 in Dusslingen,Wurttemburg,Germany. Death: 27 APR 1682 in Dusslingen,Wurttemberg,Germany
Conrad Durr: Birth: ABT 1580 in Dusslingen,Wurttemburg,Germany. Death: in Dusslingen,Wurttemburg,Germany
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