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Miller Cadwallader: Birth: 1812 in Pennsylvania. Death: in Missouri
Nathan Cadwallader: Birth: 31 JAN 1758 in Radnor,Chester,Pennsylvania.
Nathan Cadwallader: Birth: 27 JAN 1723 in Chester,Pennsylvania. Death: 3 FEB 1818 in Radnor,Chester,Pennsylvania
Phebe Cadwallader: Birth: 11 OCT 1764 in Radnor,Chester,Pennsylvania.
Reese Cadwallader: Birth: 1793 in Chester,Pennsylvania.
Rose du Cailar_&_D'_Uzes: Birth: 1128 in of,Cailar,Gard,France.
Raines (Rainon) de Cailor: Birth: 1098 in of,Cailor,Gard,France.
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Jane Cambray: Birth: ABT 1456 in Denbigh,Denbigh,Wales.
Matilda (Maud) Camoys
Isabel de Camville: Birth: ABT 1152 in of,Bosworth,Leicestershire,England. Death: AFT 1192/1193
Richard de Camville: Birth: ABT 1127 in of,Bosworth,Leicestershire,England. Death: 1176
Agnes Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1202 in of,Kenilworth Castl,Warws.,England.
Dau Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1222 in of Hambleden,Berk,Eng.
Fulk Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1161 in Longueville,Ch Is.
Hugh Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1226 in of Hambleden,Berk,Eng.
John Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1224 in of Hambleden,Berk,Eng.
John Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1189 in of Snitter Field,Warw.,Eng. Death: AFT 1266
Juliana de Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1192 in of,Ewyas-Harold,Hereford,England. Death: 6 AUG 1285
Nicholas Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1191 in of Ellesborough,Bucks,Eng. Death: AFT 1261
Roger Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1163 in Longueville,Ch Is.
Sibilla Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1165 in Longueville,Ch Is.
Thomas Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1218 in of Bowden/Market. Death: 25 AUG 1282
Thomas Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1193 in of Ellesborough,Bucks,Eng.
Walter Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1187 in of Ellesborough,Bucks,Eng. Death: 5 FEB 1265
Walter Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1128 in of Longueville,Gersey,Wales.
Walter Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1102 in <of Longueville,Gersey,Wales>.
William de Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1216 in Calne,Wilts,Eng & Aston Cant,Warw.. Death: 25 SEP 1254 in Calstone,Wilts,Eng
William Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1185 in of Bowden and Ma,Eng. Death: ABT 1240/1241
William Cantilupe: Birth: ABT 1159 in Reading & of Ell,Bucks,Eng. Death: 7 APR 1239
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Engelbert II Duke Carinthia: Birth: ABT 1065 in of,Karnten,Austria. Death: 13 APR 1141
Mathilde (Maude) Princess Carinthia: Birth: ABT 1097 in of,Karnten,Austria. Death: 13 DEC 1160
Anna Carlin
Gervais Carminow: Birth: ABT 1244 in of Trenowyth,Crnwll,Engl.
Isabella Carminow: Birth: ABT 1320 in of Tresolyth,Cornwall,Eng..
Joan Carminow: Birth: ABT 1286 in of Trenowyth,Crnwll,Engl.
John Carminow: Birth: ABT 1394 in of Treelowyth,Cornwall,England. Death: 26 JUL 1421
John Carminow: Birth: ABT 1290 in of Trenowyth,Crnwll,Engl. Death: 8 NOV 1332
John Carminow: Birth: ABT 1324 in of Tresolyth,Cornwall,Eng..
John Carminow: Birth: ABT 1268 in of Trelowith,Cornwall,Eng..
John Carminow: Birth: ABT 1245 in of Trenowyth,Crnwll,Engl.
Luce Or Maud Carminow: Birth: ABT 1187 in of Trenowyth,Crnwll,Engl. Death: ABT 1276
Margaret Carminow: Birth: 1422 in of,Trenowyth,Cornwall,England.
Margaret Carminow: Birth: ABT 1326 in of Tresolyth,Cornwall,Eng..
Margaret Carminow: Birth: ABT 1272 in of Trelowith,Cornwall,Eng..
Matilda (Beatrice) Carminow: Birth: ABT 1271 in of,Trenowyth,Cornwall,England.
Matilda Carminow: Birth: ABT 1346 in of Tresolyth,Cornwall,Eng.. Death: 22 AUG 1382
Maud Carminow: Birth: ABT 1242 in of Trenowyth,Crnwll,Engl.
Minanus Carminow: Birth: ABT 1274 in of Trenowyth,Crnwll,Engl.
Nicholas Carminow: Birth: ABT 1398 in of Treelowyth,Corn,Eng..
Oliver de Carminow: Birth: ABT 1278 in of,Trenowyth,Cornwall,England. Death: AFT 1345
Reginald Carminow: Birth: ABT 1328 in of Tresolyth,Cornwall,Eng..
Reginald Carminow: Birth: ABT 1280 in of Trelowith,Cornwall,Eng..
Richard Carminow: Birth: ABT 1276 in of Trenowyth,Crnwll,Engl.
Robert Carminow: Birth: ABT 1185 in of Trenowyth,Crnwll,England. Death: AFT 1256
Roger Carminow: Birth: ABT 1332 in of Tresolyth,Cornwall,Eng..
Roger Carminow: Birth: ABT 1240 in Trenowyth,Crnwll,England.
Roger Carminow: Birth: ABT 1282 in of Trelowith,Cornwall,Eng..
Roger Carminow: Birth: ABT 1210 in Trenowyth,Crnwll,Engl.
Roger Carminow: Birth: ABT 1155 in of Trenowyth,Cornwall,England. Death: AFT 1222
Roger Carminow: Birth: ABT 1129 in <of Trenowyth,Cornwall,England>.
Thomas Carminow: Birth: ABT 1396 in of Trenowyth,Crnwll,England. Death: 1442/1443
Thomas Carminow: Birth: ABT 1330 in of Tresolyth,Cornwall,Eng..
Thomas Carminow: Birth: ABT 1284 in of Trelowith,Cornwall,Eng..
Walter Carminow: Birth: ABT 1400 in of Tresowyth,Cornwall,England.
Walter Carminow: Birth: ABT 1322 in of Tresolyth,Cornwall,Eng.. Death: 1331
Walter Carminow: Birth: ABT 1288 in of Trelowith,Cornwall,Eng..
William Carminow: Birth: ABT 1351 in of Treelowyth,Corn,Eng.. Death: 1407
William Carminow: Birth: ABT 1212 in of Trenowyth,Crnwll,Engl.
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Ralph Carminowe: Birth: ABT 1349 in of,Tresolyth,Cornwall,England. Death: 9 OCT 1386
Mary Carpenter
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Hupert Cassel_or_Kassel: Birth: ABT 1641 in Kriegsheim,Palatinate,Pfalz,Germany.
Julius Or Yelles Cassel_or_Kassel: Birth: 1618 in Kriegsheim,Palatinate,Pfalz,Germany. Death: ABT 1681
Julius Or Yelles Cassel_or_Kassel: Birth: ABT 1620 in of Kriegsheim,Germany.
Yelles Cassel_or_Kassel: Birth: 1643 in Kriegsheim,Palatinate,Pfalz,Germany.
Arnold Cassell: Birth: 1664/1670 in of Kriegsheim,Pfalz,Bavaria. Death: 10 NOV 1720 in Germantown,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Cassell: Birth: 1670 in Kriegsheim,Palatinate,Pfalz,Germany. Death: 8 JAN 1728 in Germantown,Philadelphia Co,Pa
Johannes Cassell: Birth: 1639 in Kriegsheim,Palatinate,Pfalz,Germany. Death: 17 APR 1691 in Germantown,Philadelphia,Pa
Mary Cassell: Birth: 1643 in of Kriegsheim,Pfalz,Bavaria. Death: in Germantown,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
Peter Cassell: Birth: 1666 in of Kriegsheim,Pfalz,Bavaria.
Sarah Cassell: Birth: 1682 in of Kriegsheim,Pfalz,Bavaria.
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Castile: Birth: 14 APR 1204 in of,Burgos,Burgos,Spain. Death: 6 JUN 1217 in ,Spain
Castile: Birth: ABT 1183 in of,Burgos,Burgos,Spain.
Castile: Birth: BEF 4 MAR 1188 in ,Spain. Death: 27 NOV 1252
Alfonso of Castile: Birth: AFT 1144/1146 in of,Spain. Death: BEF JAN 1149
Alfonso Prince of Castile: Birth: AFT 1144/1146 in of,Toledo,Toledo,Spain. Death: BEF JAN 1149
Berenguela Queen of Castile: Birth: in of,Burgos,Burgos,Spain. Death: 8 NOV 1246 in ,Burgos,Burgos,Spain
Berenguela Queen of Castile: Birth: in of,Burgos,Burgos,Spain. Death: 8 NOV 1246 in ,Burgos,Burgos,Spain
Blanca Alphonsa Princess Castile: Birth: BEF 4 MAR 1188 in Chateaux de Pale,Valencia,Valencia,Spain. Death: 27 NOV 1252 in Palais du Louvre,Paris,Seine,France
Constance Princess of Castile: Birth: ABT 1191 in of,Burgos,Burgos,Spain. Death: 1243
Constanza Alfonsez Princess Castile: Birth: AFT 1140 in of,Toledo,Toledo,Spain. Death: 4 OCT 1160 in ,Castile,Spain
Constanza Alfonsez Castile: Birth: AFT 1140 in of,Spain. Death: 4 OCT 1160 in ,Spain

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