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Ann Stonehouse: Birth: ABT 1662 in <of Pickwell,Leicestershire,England>.
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Gertrude Streyphers: Birth: 1628 in Krefeld,Rhinel.,Prussia. Death: 28 FEB 1708 in Germantown,Philadelphia,Pa
Johannes Streyphers: Birth: ABT 1602 in <krefeld,Rhinel.,Prussia>.
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Johanna Sturton: Birth: ABT 1424 in Preston,Somerset,England. Death: 1473
John Sturton: Birth: ABT 1398 in <preston,Somerset,England>.
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Hardwin of Suffolk: Birth: ABT 1044 in of,Brittany,France.
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Utha von Sulzbach_(Passau: Birth: ABT 1065 in of,Sulzbach,Oberpfalz,Bavaria.
Anna Sulzmann: Birth: 1554 in Pfohren,Baden,Germany. Death: 1593 in Pfohren,Baden,Germany
Dougall (Dufgall) "Mac Sumarlidasson_Ki: Birth: ABT 1144 in of Lorne,Argyllshire,(Ergadia),Scotland.
Rognvald (Reginald) Sumarlidasson_Lo: Birth: ABT 1148 in of,Morven,Argyleshire,Scotland. Death: 1207 in ,Kintyre,Argyleshire,Scotland
Angus (Engull) Sumarlidasson_Pr: Birth: ABT 1145 in of,Morven,Argyle,Scotland. Death: 1210
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Margaret de Sutton: Birth: ABT 1281 in of. Pidekeswell,Devonshire,England.
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Berthe de Swabia: Birth: 1123 in ,Schwaben,Bavaria. Death: 1195
Elisabeth Princess of Swabia: Birth: ABT 1202 in of,Augsburg,Schwaben,Bavaria. Death: 5 NOV 1235 in ,Toro,Zamora,Spain
Friedrich II Duke Swabia: Birth: 1090 in of,Hohenstaufen,Swaben,Bavaria. Death: 6 APR 1147
Friedrich V Duke Swabia: Birth: 16 JUL 1164 in ,Schwaben,Bavaria. Death: 20 JAN 1191
Gertrud Princess of Swabia: Birth: 1091 in of,Hohenstaufen,Schwaben,Bavaria. Death: 1191
Otto Prince of Swabia: Birth: 1167 in of,Swabia,Bavaria. Death: 2 JAN 1200
Konrad II Duke Swabia_&_Rothenb: Birth: 1172 in ,Schwaben,Bavaria. Death: 15 AUG 1196
Mary Swaffer: Birth: ABT 13 NOV 1696 in Radnor,Chester,Pennsylvania. Death: 20 JAN 1766 in Pennsylvania
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Agnes de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1265 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
Alexander Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1442 in Brimpton,Somerset,England. Death: BEF 19 OCT 1523
Alice Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1456 in Brimpton,Somerset,England.
Andrew Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1486 in Aller,Somerset,England.
Christopher Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1478 in Aller,Somerset,England.
Constance Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1181 in <of Sydenham,Somerset,England>.
Elizabeth Sydenham: Birth: 1503 in Winford,Somerset,England. Death: 7 APR 1590 in Hole,Devon,England
George Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1450 in of Atler & Chedz,Smrst,Engl. Death: ABT 1523
Henry de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1363 in Sydenham,Somerset,England. Death: AFT 1406
Henry Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1448 in Brimpton,Somerset,England.
Joan de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1367 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
Johanna Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1452 in Brimpton,Somerset,England.
John (The Elder) Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1382 in Combe,Somerset,England.
John (The Younger) Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1384 in of,Orchard,Somersetshire,England.
John de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1271 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
John de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1235 in Sydenham,Somerset,England. Death: AFT 1285
John de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1326 in Sydenham,Somerset,England. Death: BEF 17 FEB 1343/1344 in Sturt,In Dulverton,Som.,Eng.
John Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1173 in of Sydenham,Somerset,England. Death: AFT 1225
John Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1420 in Brimpton,Somerset,England. Death: 4 APR 1468
Marcella Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1454 in Brimpton,Somerset,England.
Mrs John de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1177 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
Mrs Robert Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1151 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
Mrs Walter Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1115 in of,Sydenham,Somersetshire,England.
Mrs William Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1089 in of,Sydenham,Som.,England.
Mrs-Robert (Walter) Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1200 in of Sydenham,Somerset,England.
Mrs-Walter Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1403 in of,Brimpton,Somersetshire,England.
Osbert (or Osbern) Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1137 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
Philip Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1175 in <of Sydenham,Somerset,England>. Death: AFT 1227/1228
Richard de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1269 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
Richard de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1337 in Combe,Somerset,England. Death: 1402/1403
Richard Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1444 in Aller.,Somerset,England. Death: BEF 7 MAY 1501
Robert Or Walter Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1201 in Sydenham,Somerset,England. Death: AFT 1285
Robert Russell Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1139 in Sydenham,Somerset,England. Death: AFT 1227/1228
Roesia de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1261 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
Roger de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1299 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
Simon de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1301 in Sydenham,Somerset,England. Death: AFT 1339
Simon de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1365 in Sydenham,Somerset,England. Death: 1437
Thomas Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1484 in of Linford,(Windford) Eagle,Dorset,England.
Thomas Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1512 in Winford,Somerset,England.
Thomas Sydenham: Birth: 1512 in Winford,Somerset,England.
Walter Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1199 in of Sydenham,Somerset,Eng. Death: AFT 1280
Walter Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1401 in Combe,Somersetshire,England.
Walter Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1440 in Brimpton,Smrsts,Engl. Death: ABT 1470
Walter Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1179 in <of Sydenham,Somerset,England>.
Walter Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1111 in of,Sydenham,Som.,England.
William de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1303 in Sydenham,Somerset,England. Death: AFT 1315
William de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1267 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
William de Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1141 in Sydenham,Somerset,England.
William Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1480 in Aller,Somerset,England. Death: BEF 18 NOV 1557
William Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1177 in <of Sydenham,Somerset,England>. Death: AFT 1248
William Sydenham: Birth: ABT 1087 in of,Sydenham,Som.,England. Death: in Sydenham,Som.,England
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