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Catrana Maghee
Catrina Maghee
Elias (Helie) Count Maine: Birth: ABT 1060 in of,Maine,France. Death: 1110
Ermengarde (Ermentrude) du Maine: Birth: ABT 1096 in ,Maine,France. Death: 1126 in ,Maine,France
Ralph Mala_Corona_(Gir: Birth: ABT 1014 in of,Montreuil,Pas-en-Calais,France.
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John Malin
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Alice Maminot
Person Not Viewable
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Olavus King of Man: Birth: ABT 1168 in of,Morven,Argyle,Scotland.
Sibilla Manasses: Birth: ABT 1005 in of Bourboucy,France.
Alice de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1154 in of,Rycott,Oxfordshire,England.
Beatrix de Mandeville: Birth: 1105 in ,Mandeville,Normandy,France. Death: 19 APR 1197 in of,Rickling,Essex,England
Ernulf de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1120 in of,Highworth,Wiltshire,England. Death: BEF APR 1178 in England
Geoffrey de Mandeville: Birth: in of,Great Waltham,Essex,England. Death: 14 SEP 1144 in of,Suffolk,England
Geoffrey de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1124 in of,Great Waltham,Essex,England. Death: 21 OCT 1166 in Sp,Chester,Cheshire,England
Geoffrey de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1174 in of,Essex,England. Death: 23 FEB 1215/1216 in Sp,London,Middlesex,England
Geoffrey de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1053 in of,Rycott,Oxford,England. Death: AFT 1085 in Westminster Abbe,Westminster,Middlesex,England
Geoffrey Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1066 in <of,Great Waltham,Essex,England>.
Henry de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1178 in of,Wolverhampton,Staffordshire,England. Death: AFT 5 AUG 1205
Maud de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1138 in of,Rycott,Oxfordshire,England. Death: in ,England
Miss de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1081 in of,Rycott,Oxford,England.
Robert de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1128 in of,Great Waltham,Essex,England. Death: BEF 14 NOV 1189 in Sp
William de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1126 in of,Great Waltham,Essex,England. Death: 14 NOV 1189/1190 in England
William de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1054 in of,Great Waltham,Essex,England. Death: ABT 1130 in ,England
William de Mandeville: Birth: ABT 1176 in of,Essex,England. Death: 8 JAN 1226/1227
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Juana Gomez de Manzanedo
William, Earl of Mar
Bernard I Comte Marche: Birth: ABT 970 in <of,Toulouse,France>.
Juan Senor de Marchena: Birth: ABT 1246 in of,Burgos,Burgos,Spain.
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Anselm Marshall: Birth: ABT 1204 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: 22 DEC 1245 in ,Chepstow
Anselm Marshall: Birth: ABT 1154 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokshire,Wales.
Dau Marshall: Birth: ABT 1152 in <of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales>.
Eve Marshall: Birth: ABT 1194 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: BEF 1246 in ,England
Gilbert Marshall: Birth: ABT 1196 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: 27 JUN 1241 in ,Hertford,Hertfordshire,England
Henry Marshall: Birth: ABT 1156 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: OCT 1206
Isabel Marshall: Birth: in of,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: 16 JAN 1240 in ,Berkhamstead,Hertfordshire,England
Joane Marshall: Birth: ABT 1202 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: ABT 1234
John Marshall: Birth: ABT 1144 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: 1194
Margaret Marshall: Birth: ABT 1190 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales.
Maud (Matilda) Marshall: Birth: ABT 1192 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: 27 MAR 1248
Richard Marshall: Birth: ABT 1200 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: 16 APR 1234 in Kilkenny,Castle,Kildare,Ireland
Sibyl Marshall: Birth: in of Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: 27 APR 1245
Walter Marshall: Birth: ABT 1206 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: 24 NOV 1245 in Goodrich Castle,London,Middlesex,England
William Marshall: Birth: MAY 1198 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: 11 APR 1222 in Sp
William Marshall: Birth: 1144/1146 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales. Death: 14 MAY 1219 in Caversham Manor,England
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Maud Marshall_(FitzJo: Birth: ABT 1148 in of,Pembroke,Pembrokeshire,Wales.
Julia Martin: Birth: ABT 1165 in <of Ashby,Bucks,Eng>.
Malvina Masson
Henry Maudit: Birth: ABT 1130 in of Hanslope,Buckinghamshire,England.
Ralph Maudit: Birth: ABT 1132 in of Hanslope,Buckinghanshire,England.
Robert Maudit: Birth: ABT 1138 in of,Hanslope,Buckinghamshire,England. Death: 1191
Sibel Maudit: Birth: ABT 1128 in of,Hanslope,Buckinghamshire,England.
Alice Mauduit: Birth: 1135 in of,Hanslape,Buckinghamshire,England.
Isabel Mauduit: Birth: ABT 1214 in of,Hanslope,Buckinghamshire,England. Death: BEF 1268
Matilda Mauduit: Birth: 1140 in of,Hanslape,Buckinghamshire,England.
Robert Mauduit: Birth: ABT 1172 in of,Hanslope,Buckinghamshire,England. Death: JUN 1221/1222
William Mauduit: Birth: ABT 1186 in of,Hanslope,Buckinghamshire,England. Death: APR 1257
William Mauduit: Birth: ABT 1220 in of,Hanslop,Buchinghamshire,England. Death: 8 JAN 1268
William Mauduit: Birth: ABT 1126 in of,Hanslope,Buckinghamshire,England. Death: 1170
William Mauduit: Birth: ABT 1144 in ,Hanslape,Buckingham,England.
William Mauduit: Birth: ABT 1094 in of,Hanslope,Buckinghamshire,England. Death: 1195
Humbert II Count Maurienne_&_Savo: Birth: ABT 1062 in of,Savoie,France. Death: 17 OCT 1103
Geoffrey de Mayenne
Jean (Jane) Mc_Conchie: Birth: 1763. Death: 1828 in Fleming,Kentucky
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Katrina McGee
Aubrey Scott McGovney: Birth: 16 JUL 1891 in Nevada,Vernon,Missouri. Death: 4 JAN 1919 in Nevada,Vernon,Missouri
George Franklin McGovney: Birth: 11 SEP 1918 in Nevada,Vernon,Missouri. Death: NOV 1993 in Houston,Texas
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Eva (Aoife) McMurrough: Birth: ABT 1141 in of,Ireland. Death: 1177
Mears: Birth: 1590 in ,Pembrokeshire,Wales.
Mears: Birth: ABT 1632 in of Pembrokeshire,Wales.
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Ekbert I Margrave Meissen: Birth: ABT 1031 in of,Brunswick,Germany. Death: 11 JAN 1068
Philip (Meldrum) Meldeum
Amauri de Mellento: Birth: ABT 1146 in of,Meulan,Ile de France,France. Death: BEF FEB 1195/1196
Henry de Mellento: Birth: ABT 1166 in of,Meulan,Ile de France,France. Death: in Dy
Isabel de Mellento: Birth: ABT 1148 in of,Meulan,Ile de France,France. Death: 10 MAY 1220
Ralph de Mellento: Birth: ABT 1152 in of,Meulan,Ile de France,France.
Roger de Mellento: Birth: ABT 1150 in of,Meulan,Ile de France,France.
Stephen de Mellento: Birth: ABT 1154 in of,Meulan,Ile de France,France.
Waleran de Mellento: Birth: ABT 1162 in of,Meulan,Ile de France,France. Death: in Vp,Palestine
Waleran de Mellento: Birth: ABT 1144 in of,Meulan,Ile de France,France.
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Aubrey de Mello: Birth: 1080 in of,Mello,Oise,France.

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