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Elizabeth Feaster
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Catherine Ferguson: Death: 1841 in Pope County, Arkansas
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Elizabeth Forester: Birth: ABT 1830 in Tennessee.
Elna Forester: Death: AFT 1884
Mary Forester: Birth: 23 Jan 1834. Death: 27 Mar 1903 in Cedar Grove, Walker County, Georgia
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Nancy Forgey: Birth: 13 Aug 1768. Death: 13 Mar 1837 in probably Knox County, Tennessee
William M. Foster: Birth: 16 Dec 1873. Death: 13 Jun 1949 in Arkansas
Viola Josie Fountain: Death: 1918
America Fowler: Birth: 1807 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Death: in Hot Srpings County, Arkansas
America Fowler: Birth: 1774 in South Carolina. Death: 1869 in Clark County, Arkansas
Mary E. Fowler: Birth: 16 Apr 1836 in Alabama. Death: 23 Nov 1906 in Hot Springs County, Arkansas
Mary Fowler: Birth: 1774 in South Carolina.
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Aby Emma Freeman: Birth: 2 Jan 1873.
B. F. Freeman: Birth: 10 Dec 1825.
David L. Freeman: Birth: 25 Aug 1847.
David Freeman: Birth: 25 Jan 1853.
Eliza Elizabeth Freeman: Birth: 18 Feb 1830 in Georgia. Death: 14 Jun 1895 in Rover, Arkansas
Eva Annabella Freeman: Birth: 4 Mar 1861 in Tennessee. Death: 23 Feb 1885
Frederick Augustas Freeman: Birth: 8 Mar 1828.
Frederick Freeman: Birth: 14 Nov 1799. Death: 10 Nov 1866
George P. Freeman: Birth: 30 Dec 1840.
Hartwell Degraffenried Freeman: Birth: 7 Nov 1825 in Georgia. Death: 1 Jun 1908 in Mt Ida, Arkansas
Isaac Newton Freeman: Birth: 10 Dec 1866.
James A. Freeman: Birth: 15 Jul 1838.
John W. Freeman: Birth: 14 Apr 1836.
Martha Ann Freeman: Birth: 21 Nov 1858.
Martha Ann Freeman: Birth: 20 Jan 1843.
Mary Tahlulah Freeman: Birth: 24 Oct 1855.
Mary Freeman: Birth: 31 May 1834.
Sarah Cordelia Freeman: Birth: 12 Feb 1849.
Sarah Watt Freeman: Birth: 18 Mar 1832.
Thomas J. Freeman: Birth: 4 Aug 1845.
Warren Jefferson Freeman: Birth: 16 Jul 1851.
William Dillard Freeman: Birth: 6 Oct 1863.
William H. Freeman: Birth: 9 Apr 1824.
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Margaret Friar: Birth: ABT 1862.
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Daniel Fried: Birth: 12 Jan 1844 in Illinois. Death: 13 Feb 1879 in Ink, Arkansas
Daniel Fried: Birth: 25 Dec 1806 in Greene County, Tennessee. Death: 15 Aug 1881 in Ink, Polk County, Arkansas
David Fried: Birth: 1825.
Elizabeth Fried: Birth: 1819.
Jacob Fried: Birth: 26 Feb 1803.
John M. Fried: Birth: 17 Jul 1838.
John Fried: Birth: 1773 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1 Oct 1826 in Lawrence County, Indiana
John Fried: Birth: 1795.
Joseph Fried: Birth: 17 Feb 1799.
Margaret Fried: Birth: 20 May 1833. Death: 22 Jun 1909 in Holly Springs, Polk County, Arkansas
Martha Fried: Birth: 20 Feb 1852.
Mary E. Fried: Birth: 17 Aug 1849.
Moses Fried: Birth: 3 Aug 1846.
Samuel Fried: Birth: 19 Jan 1841.
Samuel Fried: Birth: 1804.
Sarah Ann Fried: Birth: 29 Dec 1809.
Sarah Elizabeth Fried: Birth: 14 Dec 1878 in Ink, Polk County, Arkansas. Death: 6 Oct 1962 in Gustine, Marced County, California
Solomon Fried: Birth: 17 Jan 1836.
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Charles O. Fulton: Birth: 10 Sep 1848 in Liberty County, Georgia. Death: 5 Jun 1911 in McIntosh County, Georgia
Child Fulton: Death: 30 Oct 1812 in Liberty County, Georgia
Daughter Fulton: Death: 1810 in Liberty County, Georgia
daughterII Fulton: Death: 1813 in Liberty County, Georgia
David G. Fulton: Birth: 10 Oct 1814.
David Fulton: Death: 1767
David Fulton: Birth: ABT 1690. Death: 1745
David Fulton: Death: 1742 in Craven County, South Carolina
Elizabeth Ann Fulton: Birth: 19 Dec 1820.
Emma Jane Fulton: Birth: 30 Aug 1855 in Greene County, Alabama. Death: 16 Mar 1932 in Alf, Arkansas
Francis J. Fulton: Birth: ABT 1859.
Ida Alabama Fulton: Birth: 12 Jul 1865 in Greensborough, Alabama. Death: 15 Sep 1927 in Little Rock, Arkansas
James Armstrong Fulton: Birth: 22 Sep 1822. Death: 27 Apr 1901 in Hale County, Alabama
John Gold Fulton: Birth: Feb 1808.
John Quincy Adams Fulton: Birth: 28 Aug 1849 in Greene County, Alabama. Death: Jun 1878 in Clark County, Arkansas
John Fulton: Birth: 15 Oct 1771 in Liberty County, Georgia. Death: 11 Dec 1820 in Liberty County, Georgia
Josiah Osgood Fulton: Birth: 26 Oct 1809 in Liberty County, Georgia. Death: in Greene County, Alabama
Josiah Osgood Fulton: Birth: 1813 in Maury County, Tennessee. Death: 1894
Margaret C. Fulton: Death: Sep 1878
Margaret Fulton: Birth: 19 Jan 1747/48. Death: 27 Jan 1800 in Midway, Liberty County, Georgia
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