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Marriage: Children:
  1. JOHN Rhodes: Birth: 1627-1657 in Highland, Oakland Co., MI. Death: BEF 5 JUL 1721 in prob. Jamaica, Queens Co., NY

  2. Mary Elizabeth Rhodes: Birth: ca 1660-1663 in Highland, Oakland Co., MI. Death: AFT JUL 1732 in prob. Jamaica, Queens, NY

  3. Ann Rhodes: Birth: ABT 1660.

  4. Elizabeth Rhodes: Birth: ABT 1662 in Highland, Oakland Co., MI.

  5. Richard Rhodes: Birth: ABT 1665 in Highland, Oakland Co., MI. Death: 2 JUN 1700

  6. Hope Rhodes: Birth: ABT 1667 in Highland, Oakland Co., MI. Death: AFT 1710 in Highland, Oakland Co., MI

  7. Timothy Rhodes: Birth: ABT 1670 in of Jamaica, Queens Co., NY. Death: BEF 4 JUL 1685 in Highland, Oakland Co., MI

a. Note:   N2267 -info on John Rodes Sr. found by Diane Bell ([email protected] -John Rhoades mentioned as early settler to Jamaica, NY and in 1643 as early settler to Village of Hempstead, NY -1643 John Rhodes was an original settler to Hempstead, Queens Co., NY -Daniel Denton Sr. oversaw John Rodes Sr. will - Daniel Denton was important in Jamaica’s founding
  John Rodes, Sr., of Jamaica, on Long Island, being on bed of sickness. I leave to my son John my meadow and land notdivided, "and ye little house Goody Davis keeps schoole in," which he shall remove for a shop. I also leave him theremainder of the 10 acre lot I gave him part of, lying next to Nathaniel Denton's lot. I leave to my son Richard myhomestead, house, barn, and orchard, and 1/2 of my meadow and land undivided, in Jamaica, and 10 acres which I boughtof John Everett, lying next to my son John. Mentions his daughter Elizabeth, and son-in-law John Carpenter, and son-in-law John Wood. I make my wife executor, and "she is to be comfortably maintained, she being weakly and unable to helpherself." "And I leave to my son Richard as my last charge to be careful and tender of his mother." I leave to my wife's sonJeremiah Hubbard, 20 shillings, and "I desire my children to keep peace, love and amity between them." I make myneighbors Nehemiah Smith and Daniel Denton, overseers. July 4, 1685.
b. Note:   from founding Hempstead in 1643 and Jamaica in 1660
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