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Marriage: Children:
  1. Shaw Young: Birth: 1744 in Eastham, Mass. Death: AFT 1820 in Berne, Albany Co., NY

  2. Bethiah Ann Young: Birth: ABT 1746 in Eastham, Mass. Death: 27 OCT 1782 in poss. Long Island

  3. WILLIAM Young: Birth: 13 MAR 1748 in Eastham, Barnstable Co., Mass. Death: 22 FEB 1802 in Deerpark, Orange Co., NY (52y, 11 mo, 10d)

  4. Elkanah Young: Birth: ABT 1750 in Eastham, Mass. Death: 20 MAY 1809 in Southeast Twp., Putnam Co., NY

  5. Mary Young: Birth: AFT 1750 in Eastham, MA. Death: AFT 29 OCT 1769

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