Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Person Not Viewable . He/She was the son/daughter of JOSEPH Allison and Abigail Amy.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

JOSEPH Allison was born BEF SEP 1686 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and died BEF 1755 in Jefferson Co., WI. He was buried in No. 1281.

Abigail Amy was born ABT 1700 in Goshen, Orange Co., NY - probably not, too early, and died BEF 1752 in Jefferson Co., WI.

Children of Abigail/Amy and JOSEPH /Allison/ are:
  1. Joseph Allison was born ABT 1695 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He married Person Not Viewable .

  2. Phoebe Allison was born ABT 1695 in prob. Edinburgh, Scotland, and died AFT 1760 in prob. Goshen, Orange Co., New York. She married Richard Jennings on ABT 1724. He was born ABT 1692 in Acton Place, Suffolk, England, and died BEF 10 APR 1760 in Goshen, Orange Co., NY.

  3. Richard Allison was born ABT 1700.

  4. William Allison was born ABT 1738, and died BEF MAY 1804 in Jefferson Co., WI. He married Mary Jackson on 1758. She was born 1740.

  5. Person Not Viewable .

  6. Person Not Viewable .

  7. Person Not Viewable .

  8. Richardson Allisondied 1769.

  9. Thomas Allisondied 1757.

  10. Person Not Viewable .

  11. Person Not Viewable .

  12. Person Not Viewable .

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