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Phebe Everett: Birth: 1745. Death: 1801 in Bull Farm, Orange Co., NY
Priscilla Everett: Birth: ABT 1681.
Priscilla Everett: Birth: ABT 1691.
Rachael Everett: Birth: ABT 1695.
Richard Everett: Birth: 1615 in Essex Co., England. Death: 4 SEP 1668 in Jamaicia, Queens, LI, NY
Richard Everett: Birth: 1665 in Hempstead, Queens Co., NY. Death: FEB 1721 in Hempstead, Queens Co., NY
Richard Everett: Birth: ABT 1676.
Richard Everett: Birth: ABT 1695.
Samuel Everett: Birth: ABT 1687 in Highland, Oakland Co., MI. Death: bet 1743-1753 in Hunterdon, NJ
Sarah E. Everett: Birth: ABT 1824.
Sarah Everett: Birth: 25 MAY 1777 in Detroit, MI or Wisconsin. Death: 28 AUG 1852 in Newburgh, Orange Co., NY
Sarah Everett: Birth: 1740 in Detroit, MI or Wisconsin. Death: 25 OCT 1821 in Goshen, New York
Sarah Everett: Birth: 1705 in St. xxxx’s Catholic Church, Detroit, MI.
Sarah Everett: Birth: ABT 1698 in Highland, Oakland Co., MI.
Sarah Everett: Birth: 4 JUN 1741.
Sutherland Talmadge Everett: Birth: 11 JUN 1831 in Chemung, Tioga Co., NY. Death: 1904
Thomas Everett: Birth: 1656.
Thornton Everett: Birth: ABT 1835 in Wallkill, Orange Co., NY. Death: 6 JAN 1905 in of Mamamakating, Orange Co., NY
Walter Everett: Birth: 9 JUL 1772 in Detroit, MI or Wisconsin.
William Everett: Birth: ABT 1785.
William Everett: Birth: ABT 1863.
William Everett: Birth: 1736.
Wilmot Everett: Birth: ABT 1795 in Warwick, Orange Co., NY. Death: bet 1850-1855 in Chemung, Chemung Co., NY
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Emma Everling: Death: 19 MAY 1954 in Honesdale, Wayne Co., PA
Jenetta Everling: Birth: ABT 1815 in Nassau-Hesse, Germany. Death: JUN 1854 in Stroudsburg,, PA
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Frank John Ewain: Birth: 19 MAY 1880 in PA. Death: 8 NOV 1936 in Tompkins, Delaware Co., NY
Icle G. Ewain: Birth: 25 OCT 1905 in Waymart, Wayne Co., PA. Death: 12 JUL 1996 in Waymart, PA
John Ewain: Birth: MAR 1857 in Northville, Oakland Co., MI. Death: 1923 in Manchester Twp., Wayne Co., PA
Lydia Ewain: Birth: APR 1884 in PA.
Myrtle Ewain: Birth: 1902 in Bethany Village, Wayne Co., PA.
William Ewain: Birth: 1882 in Bethany Village, Damascus Twp., Wayne Co., PA. Death: 1899 in PA
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Catharine Victoire Eyer: Birth: AUG 1840 in New Jersey. Death: BET 1938 AND 1939 in Larned, Kansas
Edna M. Eyer: Birth: FEB 1893 in Center, Doniphan, Kansas.
Ellen R. Eyer: Birth: NOV 1899 in Center, Doniphan, Kansas.
Emma J. Eyer: Birth: DEC 1869 in Claytonville, Brown, Kansas.
George F. Eyer: Birth: MAR 1864 in Wayne, PA. Death: AFT 1900 in Banner, Pratt, Kansas
George W. Eyer: Birth: ABT 1902 in Bird City Cemetery, Bird City, Cheyenne Co., Kansas.
Henry Eyer: Birth: 23 JAN 1835 in Switzerland. Death: 7 APR 1922 in Washington, Brown, KS
Henry Eyer: Birth: ABT 1808 in France. Death: AFT 1850
Jeanetta K. Eyer: Birth: BET 1861 AND 1863 in Wayne, PA.
John W. Eyer: Birth: APR 1859 in Dyberry, Wayne Co., Pennsylvania. Death: in Center, Doniphan, Kansas
Joseph W. Eyer: Birth: OCT 1866 in Methodist Church, Honesdale, Wayne Co., PA.
Louisa E. Eyer: Birth: ABT 1868 in Claytonville, Brown, Kansas.
Margaret E. Eyer: Birth: ABT 1860 in Wayne, PA.
Ralph R. Eyer: Birth: MAR 1890 in Center, Doniphan, Kansas.
Sophia Eyer: Birth: ABT 1873 in Brown, Kansas.
William H. Eyer: Birth: OCT 1891 in Center, Doniphan, Kansas.
William Eyer: Birth: ABT 1842 in NY or NJ.
Zelma B. Eyer: Birth: SEP 1896 in Center, Doniphan, Kansas.
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Anne Eyre: Birth: ABT 1533 in Wiltshire, England.
Elizabeth R. Eyre: Birth: ABT 1886.
Frederic Eyre: Birth: ABT 1874.
Henry K. Eyre: Birth: ABT 1883.
Lavinia E. Eyre: Birth: ABT 1882 in Newton, Bucks Co., PA. Death: AFT 1930 in Newton, Bucks Co., PA
Norman B. Eyre: Birth: ABT 1879.
William Eyre: Birth: ABT 1845 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Death: 1920-1930 in Newton, Bucks Co., PA

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