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Marriage: Children:
  1. Alice Isabel Blum: Birth: 28 MAR 1895 in ?. Death: 2 JUL 1988 in ?

  2. Robert Edward Blum: Birth: 8 MAY 1899 in Brooklyn, New York. Death: 22 OCT 1999 in Salisbury, Connecticut

1. Text:; New York Times obituary, 02/11/1959
2. Text:   New York Times obituary, 02/11/1959
3. Text:   Adler, Joan (e-mail of 07/19/2002), based on marriage certificate

a. Note:   N114 In the spring of 1940, Florence Blum launched a borough-widebeautification project, involving the planting of forsythia all overKings County, New York. She enlisted the help of Parks CommissionerRobert Moses and Borough President John Cashmore, who named forsythiaBrooklyn's official flower. Before long, the Botanic Garden lent itssupport and built an arbor of forsythia, though there was some distressabout the choice of the shrub, which was, after all, a 'common weed.'Thousands of seedlings were planted each year for over 10 years. Soon,every spring, golden flowers sprouted from every nook and cranny inBrooklyn.
  --According to her great-granddaughter Anne Blum Brengle, at
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