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Marriage: Children:
  1. Berta Chernicoff: Birth: 15 APR 1906 in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Death: 15 NOV 1996 in Prairie Village, Kansas

  2. Solomon E. Chernicoff: Birth: 2 DEC 1910 in ?. Death: 8 JAN 2009 in Pittsburg, Kansas

1. Text:   Loeb, Anita. Gone But Not Forgotten: A History of the Burials in the Jewish Cemeteries of Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City MO: Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City, 2001.

a. Note:   N139 My mother ... went to St. Joseph, Missouri, where her cousin Elke Chernicoff had settled. Mother looked forward to seeing Elke. After Mom was here, she sent after Auntie Anna & Sophie. They all lived for a while with Mrs. Chernicoff, until Auntie and Sophie found other quarters or an apartment. For some time, Auntie Anna was not happy here, but after a while she got used to it. Mom stayed on with Mrs. Chernicoff, who, though particular and exacting, was good to the girls, and Mom had a lot of respect for her. Mom said Elke treated her and her sisters with love and care.
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