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Marriage: Children:
  1. Bernice Joyce Sevit: Birth: 31 OCT 1912 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Death: 14 APR 1999 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

  2. Leon Sevit: Birth: 24 NOV 1914 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Death: 20 SEP 1996 in Boynton Beach, Florida

  3. Anna Sevit: Birth: 8 MAR 1921 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Death: 1992 in ?

  4. Richard Sevit: Birth: 10 DEC 1923 in Kansas City, Missouri. Death: JAN 1988 in Lafayette, Louisisana

1. Text: db = "Sevit Family" by Robert Sevit
2. Text:   Sevit Web Site, managed by Robert Sevit, at The database, also managed by Robert Sevit, gives a date of 15 Jul 1892.
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