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Marriage: Children:
  1. Hyman Silverman: Birth: ABT 1874 in Felshtin, Russia (now Gvardeskoye, Ukraine). Death: MAY 1962 in ?

  2. Sam Silberman: Birth: 14 DEC 1880 in Felshtin [?], Russia (now Gvardeyskoye, Ukraine). Death: AFT 1959 in ?

  3. Maurice L. Silbermann: Birth: 6 FEB 1883 in Felshtin [?], Russia. Death: 5 MAY 1948 in New York, New York

  4. Mary Silberman: Birth: ABT 1886 in Russia. Death: 6 NOV 1949 in New York, New York

  5. Max Silberman: Birth: 28 MAY 1889 in Felshtin, Russia (now Gvardeyskoye, Ukraine). Death: 25 JAN 1959 in Dallas, Texas

  6. Abraham Joseph Silverman: Birth: 29 JAN 1896 in Felshtin, Russia. Death: 31 JUL 1979 in Miami Beach, Florida

  7. Fannie Silberman: Birth: UNKNOWN in ?. Death: 25 NOV 1956 in ?

  8. Ray Silberman: Birth: ? in ?. Death: AFT 1950 in ?

1. Text:   New York City death certificate 1948 #10638 (of son Maurice)
2. Text:

a. Note:   N6 The marriage certificate (1915) of Ethel's daughter Mary gives Ethel's maiden name as Bearnbaum. The marriage record (1922) of Ethel's son Abraham gives Ethel's maiden name as Dyel. The death certificate (1948) of Ethel's son Maurice gives Ethel's maiden name as Goldberg. The wedding album (1950) of Ethel's granddaughter Muriel gives Ethel's maiden name as Gora. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.