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1. Title:   Civil records for parish and commune Miedzna (since 1810)
Author:   Civil Registrar for Commune Miedzna (1810-1825) and Roman-Catholic Church in Miedzna, Wegrow, Poland (since 1826)
Publication:   Civil register & transcripts of Roman-Catholic register of births, marriages and deaths for Miedzna, Wegrow, Poland

a. Continued:   PARENTS: There is an obvious mistake in the birth record for this individual. It seems that two births were reported to the registrar at the same time. One was the child of Franciszek Onaszkiewicz and his wife Michalina Borkowska, the other was the child of Jozef Onaszkiewicz and his wife Jozefa Nowoszewska (the couple is also present in this genealogical tree). Franciszek and Jozef were most probably reporting the births of their children at the same time. The registrar made a mistake and mixed the parents' names on both records so that Slanislaw Onaszkiewicz is listed as the child of Jozef Onaszkiewicz and Michalina Borkowska while the other child was listed as having been born of Franciszek Onaszkiewicz and Jozefa Nowoszewska. Because the couple Jozef Onaszkiewicz and Jozefa Nowoszewska already had a son named Stanislaw, I linked this individual with Franciszek and Michalina as parents. There is also a curious note on the margin of this birth record stating that Stanislaw was recognised by a new parent in 1909. I presume that this is due to the fact that the mistake was noticed at the day of his wedding in 1909, when he needed to show his birth certificate. Therefore, he had to be officially recognised by his correct father so that the records would state the truth. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.