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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jozef Oltusek: Birth: 1790 in Miedzna, near: Wegrow, Poland.

  2. Marianna Oltusek: Birth: 1797 in Miedzna, near: Wegrow, Austria (now Poland).

  3. Katarzyna Oltusek: Birth: 1800 in Miedzna, near: Wegrow, Austria (now Poland).

  4. Feliks Oltusek: Birth: 1802 in Miedzna, near: Wegrow, Austria (now Poland).

  5. Ignacy Oltusek: Birth: 29 Jul 1804 in Miedzna, near: Wegrow, Austria (now Poland). Death: 22 Feb 1870 in Miedzna, near: Wegrow, Poland, Russia (now Poland)

1. Title:   Civil records for parish and commune Miedzna (since 1810)
Page:   23/1834
Author:   Civil Registrar for Commune Miedzna (1810-1825) and Roman-Catholic Church in Miedzna, Wegrow, Poland (since 1826)
Publication:   Civil register & transcripts of Roman-Catholic register of births, marriages and deaths for Miedzna, Wegrow, Poland
2. Title:   Liber copulatorum - Miedzna (since 1777)
Author:   Kosciól rzymsko-katolicki. Parafja Miedzna (Wegrów) [Roman Catholic Church. Parish Miedzna (Wegrów)]
Publication:   Roman Catholic parish register of marriages of Miedzna, Warszawa, Poland

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