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  1. Stefania Bronislawa Kalinowska: Birth: 21 Aug 1898 in Miedzna, near: Wegrow, Poland, Russia (now Poland).

1. Title:   Population registers for settlement & commune Miedzna
Author:   Commune Miedzna
Publication:   Registers of permanent residents of the commune and settlement Miedzna, Wegrow County, Poland
2. Title:   Liber copulatorum - Warszawa, par. Wszystkich Swietych (since 1866)
Page:   243/1889
Author:   Kosciol rzymsko-katolicki. Parafja Wszystkich Swietych, Warszawa [Roman Catholic Church. All Saints' Parish, Warsaw]
Publication:   Roman-Catholic parish register of marriages of Warsaw, Wszystkich Swietych parish

a. Note:   e permanent inhabitants register of the 1920s.
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