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  1. Wlodzimierz Wojciech Stolarski: Birth: 19 Jul 1919 in Zyrardow, Poland. Death: 1 Mar 2008 in Polanica-Zdroj, near: Klodzko, Poland

1. Page:   578/1891
Source:   S28
2. Page:   27/1971
Source:   S16
3. Title:   Civil records for parish and commune Wiskitki (since 1809) Civil register of deaths for Zyrardow Gravestones on the cemetery in Zyrardow
Note:   The records extend as far back as the year 1809 and are divided into books, any of which cont Note that the inscriptions on gravestones typically do not contain information on the place o
Publication:   Civil register & transcripts of Roman-Catholic register of births, marriages and deaths of Wiskitki, Grodzisk Maz., PL undefined undefined Inscriptions on gravestones on the cemetery in Zyrardow, Poland. Text written in Polish. Inscriptions on gravestones on the cemetery in Zyrardow, Poland. Text written in Polish.
Source:   S71
Author:   Civil Registrar for Commune Wiskitki (1809-1825) and Roman Catholic Church in Wiskitki, Grodzisk Mazowiecki (since 1826) Civil register office (USC) in Zyrardow undefined
Address:   (Archiwum Panstwowe m. st. Warszawy / Oddzial w Grodzisku Mazowieckim) ul. J√≥zefa Poniatowskiego 14 05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki Poland (Urzad Stanu Cywilnego Zyrardow) Plac Jana Pawla II nr 1 96-300 Zyrardow Poland (Cmentarz MB Pocieszenia w Zyrardowie) ul. Kasztanowa 2 96-300 Zyrardow Poland
Phone:   +48 (0) 22 724-38-61
Givenname:   State Archive of the capital city of Warsaw USC Zyrardow Cemetery in Zyrardow
Surname:   Division in Grodzisk Mazowiecki
RepositoryId:   REPO12 REPO3 REPO17
Name:   State Archive of the capital city of Warsaw / Division in Grodzisk Mazowiecki USC Zyrardow Cemetery in Zyrardow
Note continued:   ains information about births, marriages and deaths (all indexed) for one year. The text is written in Polish for years 1809-1862 and in Russian (and partially in Polish) for the rest of the time. f death. For older generations, the place of last residence or the place of birth has been assumed as death place - in instances, where the inscription is the only source available, such assumptions have been marked as unverified. For newer generations, no place of death is given in such cases, as it is more likely that the persons died in a hospital outside the place of residence. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.