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  1. Stefan Jacek Jachna: Birth: 6 Jul 1943 in Aleksandrow, near: Wiskitki, near: Zyrardow, Poland. Death: 1 Oct 2016 in Aleksandrow, near: Wiskitki, near: Zyrardow, Poland

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1. Title:   Civil records for parish Mikolajew (since 1878)
Page:   75/1904
Author:   Roman-Catholic Church in Mikolajew, Sochaczew, Poland
Publication:   Civil transcripts of Roman-Catholic parish register of births, marriages and deaths for Mikolajew, Sochaczew, Poland
2. Title:   Gravestones on the cemetery in Mikolajew
Publication:   Inscriptions on gravestones on the cemetery in Mikolajew, near: Sochaczew, Poland. Text written in Polish.
3. Title:   Civil register of deaths for Wiskitki
Page:   36/1981
Author:   Civil register office (USC) Wiskitki

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