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1. Title:   Liber baptisatorum - Rzadkwin (1705-1898)
Author:   KosciĆ³l rzymsko-katolicki. Parafja Rzadkwin (Mogilno) [Roman-Catholic Church. Parish Rzadkwin (Mogilno)]
Publication:   Roman Catholic parish register of births of Rzadkwin (Mogilno), Bydgoszcz, Poland
2. Title:   Online information - Poznan project
Page:   6/1883
Publication:   Searchable index of marriages for various parishes in Poznan from the years 1820-1889
3. Title:   Civil records for parish and commune Kruszwica (Kruschwitz) (since 1818)
Page:   45/1883
Author:   Kruschwitz (Posen). Standesamt (since 1874) or Roman Catholic Parish Church in Kruszwica, Inowroclaw, PL (1818-1874)
Publication:   Civil register & transcripts of Roman-Catholic register of births, marriages and deaths for Kruszwica, Inowroclaw, PL

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