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1. Title:   Civil register of deaths for Warszawa-Mokotów
Page:   V/8/1992
Author:   Civil register office (USC) in Warsaw-Mokotów
2. Title:   Gravestones on the Northern Cemetery in Warsaw
Publication:   Inscriptions on gravestones on the Northern Cemetery (Cmentarz Pólnocny) in Warsaw, Poland. Text written in Polish.
3. Title:   Civil register of marriages for Warszawa-Mokotów
Page:   V/914/1950
Author:   Civil Register Office (USC) in Warsaw-Mokotów

a. Continued:   BIOGRAPHY: Born in Lagiewniki near Kruszwica, he worked in a German winery during World War II. Poor living conditions of his family made him also deal with illegal selling of pork fat. Shortly before the German capitulation in 1945, he came to Walcz with the first wave of Polish settlers, as East Prussia became a part of Poland again. There he took over a villa abandoned in the heat of war and let his whole family come to Walcz. His first legal job was that of the temporary headmaster of the Public Primarly School No. 1 in Walcz. In late 1940s, he came to Szczecin after some failed attempts to establish his own business as a carrier for the next settlers. In Szczecin, he worked in the police force of the People's Republic of Poland (Milicja Obywatelska), subsequently being promoted and moved to the Government Security Department at the Ministry for Domestic Affairs in Warsaw. There he met his future wife Janina. Finally, he reached the position of vice-chief of the Government Security Serive. Together with important heads of the state he therefore travelled all over the world. Finally, he was promoted and moved to Ministry for Foreign Affairs where he held the position of the chief of Passport Beaureau from March 1st, 1968 to Oct 31st, 1975. Thanks to his subsequent nomination in 1975 for the posision of the Consul of the People's Republic of Poland in Berlin, East Germany, he spent several years abroad shortly before retiring and coming back to Warsaw. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.