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  1. Sava Stanev Botev: Birth: 18 Feb 1883 in Mariyno (now: Velchevo), now near: Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, Turkey / Ottoman Empire (now Bulgaria). Death: 9 Feb 1963 in Sofia, Bulgaria

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1. Title:   Rodoslovno dyrvo ot baba Stojka Boteva (Genealogical tree of the grandmother Stojka Boteva).
Author:   Rosen Simeonov
Publication:   This is a handwritten tree of a family member, based on some other information. It contains only given names.

a. Continued:   BIRTH PLACE: assumed the birth place of the individual's sibling Nikola.
  NAME: In Bulgaria, traditional naming rule says that one should get the family name derived from his grandfather's name [ see url: ]. This doesn't appear to be the case in my family. Apparently my ancestors, up until my great grand father's (Sava Stanev Botev) generation used family names derived from their father's name and middle names derived from their grandfather's name (father side). That would explain why my great grand father is called Sava Stanev Botev (as the son of Botjo and and grandson of Stanjo) while his uncle (which means also his father) bears the names: Botev Stanev (as the son of Stanjo and grandson of another Botjo). This naming rule was assumed for my ancestors up from my great grandfather's generation. Younger generations seem to be passing down one name only. These speculations have not been verified (expect what concerns the generation of my great grand father Sava Stanev Botev and the generation of his uncle Nikola Botev Stanev; they and their siblings have a verified name order) and caution in further genealogical research is advised. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.