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  1. Alice Marjorie Mowatt: Birth: 17 MAY 1928 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. Death: 24 JAN 2011 in St. Augustine, FL

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1. Title:   1901 Census, St. David Parish, Charlotte Co., NB
Page:   Dist. 15K, Div. 2, p9, family#87, age 1
2. Title:   PANB - Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
3. Title:   Death Certificate
Page:   12/2006
4. Title:   FM-Alice (Mowatt) Canham

a. Note:   Some Public records show Percy's middle name as "Wrightman", but the Family Bible has "Wightman" after his mother Alice.
  From Ray Mowatt (1/2004)
 Percey's Mother and Father died early. He was raised for several years in Cailas ME by ??
 For the same reason, Randolf was raised in St. Johns Canada, by ??
 Clarence (maybe one of John Thomas Mowatt's sons ?) was also raised at about this time.
 Rock Hill Cemetery - Foxboro, MA (Lot 70)
  All three of these men moved to Boston at a young age.
 After Percy met and married Dora C., he moved to Braintree (Dora's sister Alice C. (Libby) lived in Braintree.)
 Dora moved to Boston young and lived for a while with her sister Hazel and later possibly with another sister Marty (who m. Joe F. had one son Leo).
  According to Henry James, Thomas was born 1853 and his last name was spelt "Mowat" .
  From Marion (7/2004)
  Alice and Tom started having children late for that time period ( 37 & 32 respectively).
  Percy's mother (Alice) died when he was 8 years old and his father (Tom) died when he was 13.
 For this reason Percy and some of the other children were raised by other families.
  Percy went to live with relative (Gertrude Mowatt ?) in Caulis ME.
 Fred went to live with the Gregory family (no relation) across the street from the farm.
  Fred worked as a carpenter in the area and in Halifax were he met his wife.
 Fred came back to the farm (Mowatt Home Stead) about the time he got married
  Randolph moved to Norwood, MA, then California, then back to Norwood.
 Everett build a house next door to farm and lived there until he died. His house later has a small fire and was torn down in the 1970 - 1980s.
  *** 8/12/2005 *********************
  I got some new information from a distant cousin Monica (Horner) Barreto on 8/8/2005 which list several new Brothers and Sisters of both Thomas Mowatt (b. 1853) and his father Henry J. Mowatt (b. 1821). I called and spoke to Marion (Mowatt) Johnson (b. 1939) in Canada and the new data rang some bells. I also called Dad (Ray Mowatt b. 1934) and confirm some info with him.
  1) Marion has a small Bible with a note in it "Percy's first book, Mrs. Gertrude Mowatt 1907". Marion remembered Gertrude lived in Calais ME and believes she is the person Percy went to live with after his parents died. She did not think Gertrude ever married.
  Ray seem to think this was correct.
  2) She also mentioned a "cousin in Attleboro" (Attleboro MA?) but gave no names.
  Once I said Cecil Bailey to Ray he remembered Cecil well. Cecil lived in Chartley (a vill of Attleboro) and visited Percy often. Ray seem to remember he had two daughters.
  3) She then talk about a Uncle Bub (Bob / Robert) and Aunt Florence who lived in St. Stephen (she knew the exact house. I would like to get the address). Them she added that they had at least three children:
  Ada (Mowatt) who married Henry or Harry Johnston. (Kids Patsy and Bobby)
 Marty (Mowatt) who married Cecil Bailey (no Kids ?)
 Ellen (Mowatt) no more info. on Ellen
  Ray remembered Uncle Bub and Aunt Florence as a child but never know the relationship.
  4) She also said she met a minister in/at ?? who said they were related because his "grandmother (?) was a Mowatt from St Stephen". She was going to talk to him again and give him my name and number. (Another lead to chase :)
  5) She seem to remember a Billy and Elizabeth (assume William Mowatt b. 1820) and a few of the other new names but no details.
  6) She thinks Henry Mowatt (b. 1859) may be the "Uncle Henny" Marion remembers and talked about for years. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.